A very popular choice now for our customers is the pond free design where there is no actual pond which is the main source of maintenance with a traditional water garden for pond owners. With a pond there is obvious maintenance requirements involved for the pond owner. Some of our customers enjoy the water garden maintenance chores and would never want a pond free design for their water feature. And of course if you’re a fish lover then you will need the fully designed professional pond installed by Landscape Professionals that will give your new pets a new home and give those customers who want a pond and are willing to accept the normal maintenance chores involved with a traditional pond many years of enjoyment.

However, for those of you who don’t want a lot of maintenance, don’t want any fish and just want the pleasure of a beautiful waterfall that empties into a pond free basin then you should have Landscape Professionals design and construct a PONDLESS™ Waterfall.

With a PONDLESS™ Waterfall there will be very little maintenance for you, there will be very little liability for smaller children playing in deeper pond water and the PONDLESS™ Waterfall system will cost you less to operate and have constructed. The PONDLESS™ Waterfall is the perfect choice for new or existing landscape design plans. Call Landscape Professionals at 440-729-2011 today to schedule your PONDLESS™ Waterfall consultation.